Mister Lister #1

Two Covers?

Why are there two versions of the cover for Mister Lister? Because there are two versions of the book! The green cover version of the book was written for Menucha Publishers and was published first. The blue cover version was written for PJ Our Way and was published second.

Is the story the same in both books? Yes. But there are differences in the way it is told. The Menucha version was written for children who attend Jewish day schools and are very familiar with an observant Jewish lifestyle. The PJ Our Way version was written for children who might need more explanation about some of the things mentioned in the book.


The idea for MISTER LISTER came from my sister Barbara. She is a psychologist and asked me to work with her on stories about Jewish children who are dealing with problems. I flew out to Barbara’s home, and spent a wonderful week walking around the lake near her house, with its spectacular views of the Rockies, and discussing ideas for children’s books. By the end of the week, I had written a first draft of MISTER LISTER, and Barbara had developed a story about an extremely shy and fearful kindergarten boy.

The Story

Reuven is excited to be starting third grade at a new school. He’s worried too, since he’s messy and loud and finds it hard to make friends. Luckily, Reuven has a secret weapon: He has an amazing memory for lists. Meet Mister Lister!

(PJ Our Way description)

Learn more about Mister Lister at PJOurWay.org

To Purchase a Copy

The Menucha version is available at Judaica stores, from Amazon and other online booksellers, and from the publisher.

The PJ Our Way version is only available as a selection for subscribers to PJOurWay.org. Please contact them with any questions.

“This is a wonderful book! Although purportedly for children, it is also a very effective tool for parents and teachers. It gives valuable insights into how to interact constructively with children, especially when dealing with challenging behavior. “

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