Writing Services

Make your writing dreams

come true

Bring your ideas to life with coaching, editing,

and ghostwriting.

Do you love to write?

Raise your work to a new level with a WRITING COACH who will gently guide, comment, and critique.

Or do you absolutely hate to write, but sometimes you need written words for your business or personal life?

Get high quality writing without the frustration with a GHOSTWRITER.

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Do you have boxes of manuscripts squirreled away?

Masses of stories in your head waiting to be written?

Self-publish them with the help of an EDITOR.

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My Writing Life

I don’t remember a time that I was not writing.  Poems, short stories, novels–I wrote them from the time I was a child and filled boxes with my work. 

In college, I majored in English, of course, and took writing classes.  When I decided to become a teacher, I went for a master’s in Secondary English, invariably adding on extra courses and workshops in writing and literacy.  My jobs almost always involved writing:  newspaper column writer, text book writer and editor, Philadelphia guide book writer and editor, creative writing instructor, English teacher, high school newspaper advisor and editor. 

Recently, I developed a book publishing program where I coach middle school students who love to write.  I help them develop their own stories, guide them through upgrades and revisions, and, with the help of Lisa S., an extraordinary technology coach, walk them through the process of self-publishing on Amazon. 

The look on these students’ faces when they see their books advertised for sale on Amazon, and when they actually hold a copy of a book with their name on it, is incomparable!

If you’re looking for any of these services–
*writing coach
*writer or ghostwriter


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